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At Arataki Superior Handmade Cues we produce spectacular, handmade cues, produced from only the very best materials, at prices to suit every pocket. They are perfectly balanced and have a great feel to them.

All our cues (except the Novus range) get fitted with a microchip that has it's own unique serial number and when sold it get's registered to the buyer. In case the cue got stolen and it was recovered, it is much easier to identify the owner of the cue, we simply scan it and we can see who the registered owner is in seconds. It is also great for cue collectors because the exact date and time of manufacturing is also recorded.


The fact is, buying a quality handmade cue is more involved than just picking a nice looking cue from a set of pictures on a website somewhere and sending off your hard earned money. That is why, here at Arataki Superior Handmade Cues we go out of our way to ensure our customers receive some of the best quality handmade cues the world has to offer, accompanied by our lifetime guarantee against any workmanship defects.



We will be adding new products on a daily basis for the next 2 weeks, so make sure to check back on a regular basis to see what's new.

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New cues and other products added 29/01/2013